What Does It Take to Get Started With the Mediation Process?

When Hiring Mediation Services There Are a Few Necessary Expectations and Requirements.

Understanding What Is Involved When Hiring Mediation Services

Hiring a mediation services involves a few basic understandings of the role of the mediator as well as the legal obligations of the mediator to the parties within the dispute, among others.

Confidentiality Within Mediation Services

The mediation process is a strictly confidential process with exceptions for any circumstances where it appears that a child is at risk of harm, where a person is in imminent danger, or where a judge orders the disclosure of information obtained during the mediation process.

The parties to the mediation must agree to confidentiality so to enable a candid discussion with the mediator including openness about the conflict, settlement positions, among other views and issues.  All parties and participants in the mediation are required respect the confidentiality of the mediation process and are required to refrain from disclosing details of the discussions that occurred within the mediation session.  Accordingy, all parties and participants are required to commit to, and sign, a confidentiality agreement prior to the mediation session.

Pricing of Mediation Services

The services of the mediator are available for $250.00 ($282.50 includes the HST) per hour with a three (3) hour daily minimum per day.  The medition fee is payable in advance and is, usually, a fee shared by the parties to the dispute.  In finalizing the mediation services agreement and arrangemnets, intake meeting are privately and separately conducted with each party.

How Long Is Required For Mediation Services

A mediation is scheduled for a minimum of three hours with additional time scheduled as deemed necessary.  Generally, a three-hour mediation session provides the parties in dispute with sufficient time to express views and concerns regarding the issues in conflict as well as to explore ideas that may bring a resolution to the conflict.  A three-hour session also enables the parties to take breaks when necessary.

Cancellation of Mediation Services

If the parties resolve the dispute without the help of the mediator; but, after arranging for the mediation services, or for other reason, cancellation of the services may be requested in writing via the help@conflictmediation.pro email address.  Cancellation requests via telephone are unaccepted.  Furthermore, cancellation requests submitted less than fifteen (15) days prior to a scheduled mediation date are subject to a $500.00 plus HST cancellation fee plus full reimbursement of any actual costs incurred by the mediator.

Extra For Amenities Involved In Mediation Services

Depending on the nature of the mediation services involved, the choice of venue, among other things, may vary; and accordingly, additional expenses may be involved for accommodations, food and drink catering, parking if necessary, among other costs.

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